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  About Lorenzo Stiernquist

Lorenzo is Tantra teacher, Sexsibility Coach, masseur, speaker, and a Wheel of Consent facilitator. He is also the founder and has the main responsibility for the Sexsibilitycoach Training and the Sexsibility Festival. He has participated in many courses about sexuality and intimacy, for example, Barbara Carrellas Urban Tantra Professional Training and the Sensual Holistic Massage Training by Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík.

In his work he focuses on sex, intimacy, spirituality, pleasure and sexual healing. He holds trainings, workshops and gives private sessions in Stockholm. He wants to support people to feel more alive and able to experience sex and intimacy at a deeper level. He teaches how you can enjoy more in life, but also how to transform shame, guilt and blockages that may hinder the experience of pleasure.

Perhaps his most important message is to embrace and be present with what is here and now. The purpose is simply to experience more love. He has made a long journey around all that he teaches about and is happy to share his own experiences about what he has gone through and going through in his life right now.



The journey I have done to feel more alive and be able to experience sex and intimacy in a deeper level, has been a long one and is still going on...

Since the early teenage I have been interested in spiritual and personal development. Qigong, yoga, meditation, mantra singing, rebirthing, dance and various expressive therapies have been and still are a big part of my life.

Crisis and opportunities
Despite many years of development (or because of) I totally crashed in February 2004 and nothing seemed to work. I was newly divorced after 14 years of marriage, had nowhere to live, had two children to take care of, no job, bad economy, a body that was falling apart (neck injury, psoriasis, arthritis in the joints, etc.), had very few functioning relations and worst of all, I did not know what I wanted with my life.

I got the opportunity, without paying anything take a course that focused on male, female and intimacy, and when it became clear to me that there were things I really needed to look at.

I seriously began to take a look at my shame, guilt and my inhibitions around sex and intimacy. For me it became clear that it is impossible to reach the depths of myself that I wanted to experience while trying to "skip" these parts of my life. By facing, embracing and train myself to be close, I have experienced profound encounters with myself and others and had spiritual experiences that I have not experienced before through other courses, therapies, breathing, yoga or meditation... not even close.

Sex and Spirituality
I have now begun to embraced the parts of me that I before tried to tell myself that I do not need to look at or to work with. I have stopped lying to myself and realized that I need to heal my shame, guilt and sexuality in order to be able to be close to myself and others. I embrace more and more of my "unworthy" parts of me and I am no longer as afraid of myself as before. The worst that can happen when I show myself as I am in my intimate relationships is that I can be abandoned, feel my pain and face my inner ... and that's no longer a threat. That is true freedom for me. Then I can just be with what is here and now and be able to reach the spiritual depth that I am longing for.

I have understood that our sexuality is an enormous power and fantastic tool. It is not a question of a spiritual sexuality which spices ones sex life with a bit of spirituality, but a sexual spirituality using ones sexuality as the basis for the spiritual development.
I am burning for the possibility to share my experiences with you and share those teachers who have helped and supported me. My journey continues and if you want, please feel free to join me on my journey for a longer or shorter time.

Lorenzo Stiernquist



Lorenzo Tantra



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