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What does Sexsibility mean?
Sexsibility means to have sex with (sensitivity) sensibility. A sexuality with sensuality, presence, awareness, trust, strength and devotion. A sexuality that allows and embraces all your different energies and chakras, from the root to the crown. Both your wild animal power, your human vulnerability and your spiritual light.

Sexsibility is inspired by Tantric and Taoistic sexuality and is adapted to today's modern society and lifestyle.

The Sexsibility coach training
At the moment the second Sexsibility-coach training has started and in the future, the training will also be offered in English. The training is 3 terms long and is divided into 12 modules with a dream team of some of the main teachers around sex and intimacy of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, the U.S. as guest teachers; Johan Ekenberg, Jennie and Calle Rehbinder, Ylva Franzén, Barbara Carrellas and others.
Lorenzo teach about Tantra, Sexsibility how to work with clients.

How to feel more alive
In this training you will learn how to deepen your sexual experiences, become more present in your body and create intimate and loving connections with others. And you will learn how to teach the same to others.

It is a extensive education with both depth and width. In addition to theory and own studies, we do a lot of practical and dynamic exercises for releasing sexual inhibitions and blockages. You will be supported to free your expression of emotions, sound, breath and movement, increasing the awareness of your body and find your internal power and harmony.

What is the purpose?
The training aims to enable participants to be experienced teachers/coaches in sexuality and intimacy. Coaches who have released many of their own blocks and inhibitions, who know the way to feel more alive, to have a wonderful sex and love life and who can guide others to reach the same.

For whom?
The training is open to everyone, but is primarily addressed to those who want to work with others around sex and intimacy as Sexsibility coaches, coaches of spiritual sexuality, sex coaches, sex advisors, sex therapists and so on. If you are already working as a sexologist, therapist, rebirther, coach or with body-work, you can integrate what you learn in the training with the activities you are engaged in today. You will be able to give more support to those of your clients who have problems around sexuality and intimacy and as a Sexsibility coach you may also find new clients to work with in a new way.

Please contact Lorenzo if you are interested in the training!

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