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  Starspray - Sex, intimacy, body and soul. Tantra and Sexsibility

Starspray is primarily focused on sexuality, intimacy, body awareness and spirituality and offers lectures, courses, trainings, sessions and products to support development and increased well-being in these areas.

Starspray offers:

Sexsibility-coach training (three terms long)

Tantra workshops for couples and singles

Tantra Sessions and Sexual healing

Sexsibility-coaching for individuals and couples.

Products: Books, CDs, movies, sex toys, etc. Most products are sold in workshops but some can also be ordered directly on the site.

Body Treatments
(as part of sessions/coaching)
- Massage
- Tantamassage
- Sexual healing
- BeBody


The art of being present and intimate... simultaneously.

Sex and spirituality -
the separation is only in the mind

Intimacy for all who are terrified

Embrace everything - the miracle of small steps

What does the name Starspray mean?

It is a "translation" of Lorenzo's last name; Stiernquist.
Stiern (Stjärna) = Star and
Quist (kvist) = spray






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